Video: Spencer And Heidi Share Sickeningly Sweet Wedding Stories With Studio Audience

Hills history was made tonight when newlyweds Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag called a truce (kind of? sort of?) with After Show hosts and longtime nemeseeeez, Jessi and Dan.

Ever since The Hills: Live After Show hit airwaves, Jessi and Dan have been trying remove their foots from their mouths long enough to sweet talk Speidi into a guest appearance. Unfortch, the show's golden couple never favored our Canadian hosts' certain brand of snark and repeatedly declined the invitation. So you can only imagine the shock and awe heard round the MTV watercooler when we heard they'd be phoning in from LA tonight! (Note to self: marriage = compromise.)

Anywho, Spence and his new wifey had just returned from their Cabo vacay-turned-honeymoon at the time of their call -- and luckily they were still in the mood to kibbutz about neat things like eternal love and devotion. Watch the clip below to get firsthand wedding deets and hear Spence open up his heart without a single trace of sarcasm!