Message To Steph Pratt: Stop Being Such A Wuss!!

The first time we ever saw Stephanie Pratt, she came out swingin'. ("When you hate my brother, that makes me hate you," she snapped, while a much-blonder Lauren Conrad stared back in disbelief.) Since then, the one-time She-Pratt has established herself as a Hills regular and morphed from Fierce Defender Of All Things Spencer to the newest member of LC's posse. And in doing so, she's somehow gone from total hardass to the most frequently dissed member of the show.

We wanna know WTF happened.

After all, the old Steph NEVER would've sat back and listened while Doug called her a "lost puppy," allowed Brody to make her cry (twice), tried to turn her new man into her bodyguard or kept her lips zipped while Spencer (a) threatened to make her un-his sister, (b) almost ruined her birthday (but TOTALLY made up for it by bringing her drugstore balloons) (c) embarrassed her in front of her boyfriend, or (d) tried to turn Nana Pratt against her.

But this week, Stephanie was back to taking hit after hit, from Spencer (who greeted Nana with "You remember Stephanie, right?") to Heidi (who acted as though she and Nana were lifelong BFFs) to the feisty granny herself (who made it super-clear that Spencer was her all-time fave grandkid).

So what changed for Steph? We're not sure, but we're thinking girl needs to start being more assertive. (And no, we're not just talking about fighting Spencer for joint custody of Nana Pratt.) So buck up, kiddo! Stick your head out the window of your bathroom-esque house and scream, "I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!

And the next time Brody/Doug/Spencer tries to rip you a new one? Don't be afraid to fight back. Everyone knows standing up to bullies is the only way to make them back off for good. And trust us, whoever said it "Takes a far stronger man to walk away" never spent five minutes in the same room as your bro...