Hills Poll: Will LC And Audrina Ever Bounce Back?

Did anyone else feel sorta weird about tonight's pseudo-reconciliation? Sure, Audrina said she was sorry, Lauren nodded/frowned/teared up at all the appropriate moments and the girls walked out of the bar together -- but somehow, it all seemed so ... to be continued.

Gone were the free-flowing mascara-infused tears, the overemotional bear hugs, the mushy "I'm so glad we're friends" avowals. Instead, all we had to grasp onto at the end was a limp side-hug, a tentative truce and a semi-sincere "Well ... call me."

+ Think the girls can put the past behind them? Or will it take a lot more than a halfhearted apology for Audrina to earn back Lauren's trust? Take our poll and let us know whether you think the girls' latest breakup-to-makeup will prove to be just enough -- or too little too late.