Reality Check: Light The Candles And Break Out The Photogs -- It's Britney's 27th Birthday, Bitch!

• The Britney Spears "Don't Call It A Comeback" Tour continues! Over the weekend, Brit swung by Simon Cowell's hit U.K. show to perform her latest smash, "Womanizer." Cowell's verdict? "I would literally have her on my show every week for the next 10 years." (

• Oh, and did we mention that Spears (whose MTV doc, Britney: For The Record, aired last night) also spent the weekend ringing in her 27th bday, gracing the covers of Rolling Stone and Glamour and admitting that she's on the lookout for hubby #3? (E! Online)

Rosie O'Donnell sums up her disastrously overhyped/underwatched variety show in 10 words: "No ratings. bad reviews...yet still – a thrill 4 me." (Rosie's blog)

• Chef Gordon Ramsey may be a jerk -- but he's not a jerk who cheats on his wife. At least, so says chef Gordon Ramsey. (Daily Telegraph - UK, via Us)

Grey's hot new MD (and Cristina Yang's hot new Replacement Burke) Kevin McKidd might be checking out for a movie deal. Hey, when in Rome ... (E! Online)

• Nickelodeon stars Drake Bell and Josh Peck are celebrating Christmas in style! That is, assuming ugly sweaters are the new black. (Buzzworthy)