Poll: Britney Spears Is Back On Top Of The World, But Can She Keep Her Spot?

Don't call it a 'comeback,' she's been here for years. At least that's what Britney Jean Spears asks from her fans in the new MTV doc, Britney: For The Record. Fine then, I'll call it a resurrection. Cuz seriously folks, around this time last year I wasn't sure Brit Brit would live to tell the story behind her dramatic downward spiral. (If you recall, Spears' dad was forced to step in as official babysitter to the pop star after the American media ate her alive with its reports of supposed mental instability, erratic spending sprees, bizarre romantic entanglements (anyone know what Adnan's up to lately?), tardiness to child custody hearings and one pretty humiliating 2007 VMAs performance involving botched lyrics, less-than-fab abs and some questionable hair extensions.)

Given all the madness that preceded the 60 day round-the-clock filming of Britney: For the Record, how could anyone NOT consider Spears' most recent accomplishments -- three 2008 Video Music Awards, tomorrow's big label release of her celebrated new album, a sharp decline in public fashion emergencies/Carl's Jr. drive-thru spottings, etc -- part of the most massive celebrity comeback ever?

But really, what do I know? You tell me: Think Britney's back on top forever, or is it only a matter of time before she stirs up trouble again?

You can watch Britney: For the Record online in its entirety on MTV.com beginning December 3 at 8pm ET.