Brittany On Being Paris' New BFF: "No One Says 'No' To Us"

And the BFF winner is ... rocker chic real girl, Brittany Flickinger! As if there was ever a question.

Paris and Brittany hit it off right from the start, but now that the show's over, will they keep their promise to be each other's bestie? Um ... they're like already inseparable. Below, Brittany fills you in on what it's like to be Paris Hilton's new BFF. PLUS: After the jump, check out hot pics from Brittany's modeling days!

Since winning Paris Hilton's My New BFF, I've been living in LA, working on my music and hangin' out with Paris a whole bunch. I see her almost every day, and if we're not together, we're probably texting. I'm really looking forward to traveling more with her, as well as going out to clubs, staying in for movie nights, keeping each other company at our jobs, etc. etc.

When I'm out with Paris, it seems like we can go wherever -- and do whatever -- we want, and nobody will say 'no.' Everybody is so nice to us. Still, you can't really trust a lot of people. There are desperate fans always crowding around her and being obsessive, like following the car and showing up in the bushes of friends' and families' homes to get pictures.... It's way creepy.

I didn't really know what to expect coming onto the show -- I definitely didn't think Paris and I would be so similar. She's hilarious, really down to earth and fun to be around. Despite what everyone may think, she GETS it. She's not a 'dumb blond' or any of that other rude stuff people say. I really don't want to hear that kind of talk anymore -- it's just plain ignorant and makes people seem so jealous. Those types of people were obviously not raised well. You shouldn't spread stuff around without knowing all the facts!

Not too many people besides her close friends and family get to know the real Paris Hilton. She's actually very shy and timid, especially after taking so many beatings from the jealous/ignorant/money-hungry barbarians we call the media.

As for me, I'm pretty all out there on the show, though I'm a bit goofier in person. I'm also insanely creative -- throw me any form of art and I'll perfect it. Most of all, I'm loyal and I'll go out of my way to help anyone in need. I love charities and I want to get really famous so people will listen to me and help me fix a lot of the nasty s*** that's going on in the world.

And OH YEAH ... I never hooked up with my friend's boyfriend. That kid has been like my brother since the 6th grade. Would you hook up with your brother? I'm really sensitive, and just as sweet and respectable as Shelley, but I'm not afraid to be chill and have a good time. (Being Christian doesn't mean you have to close yourself off from the world. It should open you up! Just sayin' ...)

Anywho, check out some pics from my modeling days ... before I was a band chick!

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