The City Trailer: Whitney Port Like Totally Kisses Valley Girl Days G'bye

Come December 29, LA -- and LC -- will be SO last season. The action's switching coasts as Whitney Port takes Manhattan in MTV's new Hills spin-off, The City. Previous sneak peeks of the show have revealed that Whit's exciting life in NYC includes a dream job (doing PR for design icon Diane von Furstenberg), as well as a dream man (remember Aussie rocker Jay?). But will there be less drama since Whitney always appears to be so sensible? Dream on ...

As the new trailer suggests, Whit's love affair is moving at lightening speed levels and one new gal pal has "frenemy" written all over her forehead. Watch as our fave Valley Girl begins to learn that City guys play by different rules ... and real City girls put Blair Waldorf to shame.

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