Reality Check: Is Aubrey O'Day The Next Playboy Centerfold?

TMZ claims Danity Kane dropout Aubrey O'Day is headed for Playboy! Hey, guess that's one way to take the heat off the nearly-nekked Complex shoot that cost you your job/singing career. (MTV News)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's resident homewrecker Kim Zolciak wasn't sure she'd survive the whole experience. ""After the reunion show, I was afraid I was going to get killed," she confessed. So natch, she did what any slightly spoiled person would do: she "invest[ed] in something that would kill them instead." (

Carson Daly is gonna be a daddy! (MSNBC)

Heath Ledger's entire life/film career/losing battle with prescription drugs to be reduced to one 60-minute Law & Order episode! Dibs on playing MK Olsen! (NY Post)

Brooke Burke won Dancing with the Stars! (Um, obvs.) Fortunately, she totally nailed the "OMG, I'm so surprised!" face. (E! Online)