Should Lauren Forgive Audrina? Plus: Granny Pratt Is SO Over This Sibling Drama!

After watching all the Justin Bobby drama unfold on last week's Hills, 85% of you felt that Audrina was way harsh on her old (and possibly former??) pal Lauren. So what's our main concern? How about whether or not the girls' friendship can take a hit like this and keep on tickin'?

Sure, we've seen the two former roomes go at it before (Something about JB and weird shows?) but this was completely different. Flashback: The episode LITERALLY ended with 'Drina flouncing off (after asking/accusing LC for the zillionth time) while Lauren sobbed in Lo's arms.

Think this one's fixable? We're not sure, but we're hoping LC can find a way to forgive without forgetting. Meanwhile, looks like Spencer and Stephanie's nana is comin' to town. (Break out the preppy men's polos!) Oh, and (surprise, surprise) Granny says this Pratt-on-Pratt fighting is nothing new...