Will Mr. And Mrs. Spencer Pratt Live Happily Ever After? 90% Of You Say 'No Way!'

Right after Perez Hilton broke the news of Speidi's undercover "I do's," we asked you guys if you thought the happy hitched Hillzies would be together forever. Turns out, an overwhelming 90% of you think the newlyweds might've jumped the gun in tying the knot! (Only 10% of you guys predicted Spencer and Heidi were in for a lifetime of marital bliss.)

Fortch for Mr. and Mrs. Pratt, not everyone was a Negative Nancy about their muy caliente Mexican marriage.

Although Stephanie Pratt and Holly Montag weren't on hand to toast the happy couple at their wedding (no family, no drama-rama, remember??), both sisters were quick to put past grievances (i.e. getting evicted) aside and offer up their heartfelt congrats. "Whatever Heidi chooses, I support her," Holly said on the Hills: Live After Show.

And now Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port have both come forward to wish the newly nuptialed pair "a long and happy marriage."

"When you spend time with the two of them, it's obvious how much they love each other, and how committed they are," sez 'Drina, according to Usmagazine.com. "Their wedding sounds like it was very intimate and romantic."

+ Still feel like Heidi and Spencer should've waited a little longer before getting hitched? Take our poll and let us know! Meanwhile, stay tuned for more details about their nuptials (The dress! The chapel! The rings!) and catch up on all the latest wedding-related deets right here.