Note To Aspiring BFFs: It Ain't Easy Being Paris Hilton

Being a celebrity does has its advantages (Think: adoring fans, clothing freebies and invites to all the hottest parties), but despite what you see on TV, it ain't all perks and positive publicity. (Hello? E! True Hollywood Story, anyone??)

So what are some of the downsides to being uber-famous? Well, if you're Paris Hilton, that would be going through an extremely painful public breakup, getting slammed by the press for your choice in eveningwear and getting booed at a 16-year-old's birthday party -- then reading about it on Page Six. And that was just this week alone!

The way we see it? Brittany and Vanessa have the easy job -- after all, whoever wins Paris BFF gets all the trappings of fame without any of the unrelenting public scrutiny. The problem with celebrity? You can't turn it off whenever you "need a moment." And as P. Hilton re-learned this week, that's not always hot.