Holy, Matrimony! More Delish Deets On Speidi's Wedding Spectacular...

(Photo: Usmagazine.com)

Forget everything you heard about Speidi's impromptu (but photog-filled) beach wedding. Turns out, the nuptials actually went down last WEDNESDAY (not Thursday!), which means Heidi actually kept her friends and fam (including disapproving Momma Montag and supportive sis Holly) in the dark for almost a solid week!

And while we give you a sec to change the "HAPPY 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!" date on your iPhone calendars to November 19th, 2009, we figured we oughta share one more juicy detail from the couple's crazy Mexican nuptials: Heidi's rationale for keeping this a strictly non-family affair.

According to Usmagazine.com, Heidi's mom majorly guilt-tripped her daughter over the phone only minutes before the quickie ceremony, telling her "if you ever plan on getting married just know that your step-dad is really upset that you want your father to walk you down the aisle."

"She was starting so much drama," Heidi said, "it kind of pushed me toward wanting to get married without that. I don't know when I'll tell her."

So basically ... Heidi figured she'd AVOID drama by running off and eloping with her on-again, off-again boyfriend. (Yep, totally makes sense!)

Oh, and as for breaking the news to her 'rents with an "OMG, I just got married!!" phone call? Yeah, we have a feeling that convo won't be necessary...

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