Vanessa Simmons Secretly Enters The Miss California Pageant!

(Photo [R]: Miss California USA, via

With all the celebrity kids out there trying to cash in on their famous last names (Kelly "Daughter of Ozzy" Osbourne, anyone?) it's refreshing to see that some "daughters of" are trying to make it on their own.

Take, for example, Vanessa "Daughter of Rev. Run" Simmons, who recently entered the Miss California USA pageant under the pseudonym "Vanessa Jean." Sadly, she didn't win the crown (that went to Deal or No Deal model Carrie Prejean) but we think she's a shoo-in for Miss Independent -- or else Least Stuck-Up Celeb Spawn.

So we say, congratulations, 'Nessa Jean! Win or lose, you did it all on your own -- and we have a feeling the Rev. is one proud papa...