Video: Holly Montag Responds to Speidi's Wedding Announcement (Pretty Sneaky, Sis!)

Sure, eloping with the love of your life calls for spontaneity, but leaving your immediate family off the wedding list is bound to cause some probs ... esp. when Momma Bear makes a point of publicly objecting to the nuptials. According to Perez Hilton, Darlene Montag ain't too keen on her daughter's new last name (not to mention its original owner): "We were [all] caught off guard," she said.

Well, it's not like the lady's got a choice -- Speidi are in it for the long haul. I mean, at least until they start fighting about registry items. Kidding! (Of course Spencer can have another pinball machine!)

Seriously, we really wish these kids well. They've weathered many storms throughout the seasons and still totes honor, cherish and respect one another. Or so we've been told.

One person who is kinda sorta maybe in agreement with us? Heidi's sister, Holly. When probed for the first-time since the announcement was made this morning, she told After Show hosts Jessi & Dan that a) she found out by text message from friends (yikes!), yet b) although she's "a little bit hurt," Holly supports Heidi whatever she chooses. "She's an adult," said Holly. Well said, big sis!

Below, hear more from Holly about her family's thoughts on the nuptials -- and see what choked her up during tonight's After Show interview ...