Hills Fight Night! Who's Got The Right To Feel Most Betrayed??

Okay, we know Speidi's surprise wedding was the huge news of the day -- but don't let that (completely) distract you from the fact that we just saw a potentially friendship-ruining fight between former besties Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge.

And for once, we have no idea whose side we're on.

Sure, we understand why 'Drina was freaking out (one gorgeous best friend + one not-always-trustworthy boyfriend = Every Girl's Worst Nightmare) but we also totally sympathize with LC and Justin Bobby for getting the third (and fourth and fifth!) degree.

+ Think Audrina pushed her friends too hard? Or was she understandably overreacting to the scariest rumor ever? Take our poll and let us know who you think had the worst of it on tonight's Hills.