Death Of A Friendship: Grieving Frenzy Sweeps The Hills

LC and Audrina are toast. Call me a cynic, but friendships never survive a love triangle, even if it's just a mega-ridick rumor. And it's not like these self-professed 'trouble magnets' hadn't already thrown down with one another just a short time ago. Remember Mascaragate? Hate to say it y'all, but we pretty much saw this coming since end of Season 3.

Despite TWO "We Need to Talk" sessions on tonight's episode, neither LC nor Audrina were able to come close to a truce. Audrina couldn't let go of her sneaking suspicions, Lauren couldn't recover from the nervy insult of being second-guessed. It's one big bloody Hills mess and no one's getting out unscathed -- even the usually aloof Justin Bobby, who was rattled enough to shout holy fictitiousness, Batman!

As expected with any great loss, there were lots of tears and tantrums. Audrina especially didn't seem like herself. Let us recall her quick cycle through the Five Stages of Grief and ponder her next move (here's hoping it doesn't involve more finger-pointing, or like, a totes inappropriate publicity tour) ...

1) Denial: Yikes! Audrina confides in Chiara that she's heard a really bad rumor (from never-before-mentioned man friend, "Dino") -- Justin hooked up with LC behind her back! -- and she's not quite sure who or what to believe.

2) Anger: Audrina confronts Lauren and demands an explanation. When LC refuses to defend herself, 'Drina storms off.

3) Bargaining: Justin Bobby doesn't feel like explaining himself either. He's wicked peeved about Audrina's harsh previous v/m messages and is totes ignoring her. Which is why she's kinda pleading with him now to return her calls...

4) Depression: Justin Bobby finally shows his face but clearly hasn't got the time or energy to play Audrina's reindeer games. He's totally outta there (this is all way too 'immature' for a guy who wears a glitter helmet). Alas, 'Drina's left alone once again to wallow in her straight-jacket type sadness.

5) Acceptance: Uh, Audrina hasn't exactly gotten to this stage of the game yet. But we're pretty sure things can't end so up in the air. Still, I'm gonna take a wild guess that, like, stuff'll never be the same for her and LC. There's just no crawling out of this kind of relationship black hole. Sure, they'll compliment each other's shoes when they bump into one another at Winston's, but the champagne popping days of yesteryear will soon be a distant memory.

+ Agree or disagree? Think Audrina and Lauren can come back from a fight this brutal or is their future destined for fake smiles and the annual insincere X-Mas card?