Rumor Alert! Did Spencer And Heidi Just Tie The Knot??

We always figured Spencer and Heidi's "I do's" would be exchanged in a giant, over-the-top (and possibly televised) wedding where the number of guests was (almost) equal to the number of paparazzi. Instead, we're hearing unconfirmed reports that the publicity-happy pair have done the unthinkable and ELOPED -- with nary a camera crew in sight.

Sources revealed to today that The Hills stars Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt just got hitched. "They got married in Mexico," a supposed close friend of the couple told Perez.

+ Think Speidi really tied the knot on the DL? Or is this just like the time you read that Miley Cyrus died? Let us know whether you think Spencer and Heidi are officially man and wife. If so, we predict a GIGUNDO second wedding...

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