Is Aubrey O'Day Getting Her Own Spinoff Show??

Earlier this week, we told you one-time enemies Aubrey O'Day and Diddy were spotted laughing and chatting it up at the Victoria's Secret show. And now comes word that the former Danity Kane crooner may have her own (Diddy-produced??) spinoff show in the works.

When reporters asked O'Day whether she'd be back on next season's Making the Band 4, she replied "You never know - maybe I'll be back on it, maybe I will be on my own show." And that's not all. Bloggers at reportedly "pressed for an official confirmation," to which she replied, "Absolutely."

Think it's true? And more importantly, if Aubrey does have her own show, would you guys watch?? Take our poll and let us know whether you'd tune in to watch The Aubrey O'Day Hour.