Brody Jenner's No. 1 Rule Of Dating: Keep Your Friends Close ... And Your Exes Closer!

Ever wondered how Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad managed to go from boyfriend-girlfriend to besties without losing a step? Well, turns out, it was all part of Brody's master plan! According to the dating section of his new-ish Web site,, there's nothing worse than an angry ex. Here's why Brody thinks you should always make the effort to go from Splitsville to civil. (Spoiler: It's all about damage control.)

"You should definitely stay friends with an ex. I always say that it's better to build bridges than burn them. No matter what case it is. Hopefully you live a long life and later on down the line, you don't want this person saying bad things about you. It's important to keep a good relationship with anyone you spend a good amount of time with. It's always good to keep that healthy relationship."

Solid advice! But we gotta know: Shouldn't this burn-no-bridges rule apply to failed bromances as well?

Hey, we totally get that you wanna keep all your exes in check (makes perfect sense when you've got a Little Black Book the size of Encyclopedia Britannica!) but from what we've seen, Spencer Pratt isn't exactly the kinda guy you want on your bad side.

Just sayin' ...

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