Corrie's Secret Playboy Past Exposed! Looks Like Kayley's Not The Only BFF 'Wild' Child...

We thought we'd learned all of Corrie's deepest darkest secrets from her BFF-turned-worst-enemy on this week's Paris BFF. But apparently, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Turns out, in her pre-Paris past, Corrie was featured in a video for Girls Gone Wild (a.k.a. the sexploitation empire created by professional perv Joe Francis) PLUS now TMZ is reporting that she also posed for Playboy!

+ Think Corrie's flesh-baring extracurriculars will hurt her chances of becoming Paris Hilton's new bestie? Or is Paris open-minded enough to accept Corrie for the person she is now?

Let us know whether you think Corrie's checkered past will keep coming back to haunt her -- plus take our poll and tell us whether you think she should've been the one TTYNed this week.