Take A Walk On The Wild Side ... With This Sneak Peek Of The 2008 Woodie Awards!

Last night, we decided to make good use of our MTV connections and hustled over to Roseland Ballroom to chat up the likes of Paramore, All Time Low, There For Tomorrow, Motion City Soundtrack, Jack's Mannequin and Lykke Li -- whose name, FYI, is officially unpronounceable -- at the 2008 MTV Woodie Awards.

The show won't air until next Wednesday (Holy delayed reaction, Batman!) but we had tons of fun, copious amounts of mini-sliders and enough star-gazing (a polite term for "stalking") to last us a lifetime. Check out our full report of last night's festivities (minus the winner's list, 'cause nobody likes a tattletale!) and tune in NEXT Wednesday, November 19th, to watch it all go down on MTVU.

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