BFF Poll: Who Thinks Paris Should've TTYNed Corrie Instead?

Last night's Paris Hilton's My New BFF was the most intense episode to date! Everyone (except l'il miss Goody Two-Shoes Shelley) had a little skeleton lurking in her closet, and their former BFFs were more than happy to help Paris dig out their dirty little secrets.

From Corrie's alleged adultery and Lauren's supposed straddle sesh to Kayley's party girl tendencies and Brittany's full-scale violation of the Girl Code, it seems all of Paris' wannabe besties are coming to the McMansion with beaucoup de baggage. And that most likely includes Vanessa, who got to skip out on this week's fact-finding mission (lucky girl!) for winning the manhunt.

In the end, of course, Paris decided to send Kayley packing, even though her "secrets" (Omigod, she's a short-tempered boozehound? Who knew??) weren't nearly as shocking as Corrie's. And while we'd never dare to question Paris about one of her TTYNs (at least, not to her face!) we thought we'd ask you guys whether you agree with last night's elimination.