Un-Couple Alert! Tila Tequila And Courtenay Semel Are 100% O-V-E-R

Sure, we've read that Tila Tequila's been sans Courtenay Semel these past few weeks. But since their last breakup lasted, like, an entire day, we figured they'd be back to swapping spit on the red carpet in no time. At least, until we saw these pics of Tila holding hands with another gal pal last night.

The zinger? Yesterday just happened to be Courtenay's 29th birthday.

Ouch. Nothing says "I'm single and loving it" quite like stepping out with a hot mamacita (the same chick from last week??) on your ex's bday. Take a sec to look at Tila's smug grin and New Girl's cocky stare in the above pic. Guess this is one bday card Courtenay will never forget...