Spoiler Alert! Speidi Land A Killer Cameo AND The Cover Of Them Weekly Magazine!

Heidi Montag may have struck out with Brent Bolthouse on this week's Hills, but she sure didn't waste any time lining up her next paying job. Turns out, those rumors about Speidi guest-starring on How I Met Your Mother were 100% true. CBS reps confirmed that Spencer Pratt and his wife-to-be will be appearing on an episode slated to air in January. So who, praytell, will they be playing?

"I don’t want to give anything away ... but I’m the Mother," Spencer joked (at least we think he was joking!) to Usmagazine.com.

Meanwhile, CBS had this to say in their official statement:

"They will be playing magazine cover-versions of themselves as Marshall (Jason Segel) desperately searches for a place to “read a magazine” while at the office. Montag and Pratt will taunt and tease Marshall from the confines of his current copy of Them Weekly."

In other words? They'll be famous people pretending to be non-famous people pretending to be famous. Or something.

And while we mull over the paradoxical/metaphysical nature of Speidi's upcoming HIMYM cameo, how about some snaps for whoever came up with the title Them Weekly?? 'Cause, let's face it -- despite the fact that stars occasionally TAKE OUT THEIR OWN TRASH(!) or WEAR HATS IN THE COLD(!!), we've never really bought into that whole they're-just-like-us crap.

After all, if we wanted to read about US instead of THEM, we'd have ditched the celebrity tabloids ... and signed ourselves up for a subscription of Anonymous Strangers Weekly.

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