Why Does New Age-y Rebecca Keep Alienating Herself?

Fiddy’s new reality show, 50 Cent: The Money and the Power, airs Thursdays at 10pm, but you don’t have to wait ’til then to check out the raw footage. Every day, I’ll be sifting through the ‘50 Cent Dailies‘ to make sure you’re getting your fill of the rapper-turned-mogul. (Tough job, I know, but somebody’s gotta do it!)

You know how Rebecca comes across as the loopy, New Age-y broad of the 50 Cent brood? Well, apparently, Cornbreadd and the rest of 'Becca's roomies are trying to connect with her by finding out her taste in music. Unfortunately, it seems like quirky ol' Rebecca's more concerned with being honest than she is with fitting in.

Which is why instead of telling the group what they want to hear (e.g. "Gangsta rap," "50 Cent" "[A band people have actually heard of]") she replies by saying her fave musical genre is...the classical Indian sitar. Why? Because it's "the foundation of sound," of course!

Yeah, from the looks of it, she lost Ryan at "sitar."