Paris Hilton To Prince William: Benji Who? Ditch The 'Mousy' Girlfriend And I'm Yours!

Paris Hilton is all about Benji Madden these days -- but that doesn't mean she only has eyes for him. Yep, turns out even girls in committed relationships have their secret (or not-so-secret) celeb crushes. And Paris recently admitted that, given the opportunity, she'd date Prince William in one hot minute. That is, assuming he was (finally) free from the clutches his long-term gf, Kate Middleton.

"I'd be more than happy to date William - so long as he ditches the mousy girlfriend," Paris recently told reporters. "I couldn't believe it when I met him. He was awesome and really hot."

So where does that leave Benji? We're not sure, but we'll put it this way: When you're trying to woo Paris Hilton, goofy hats, a famous bro and edgy punk rock anthems can't just compete with the allure of a royal title. Sorry, bro, but it's not like you didn't see this coming. You've always known you were dating a princess. So really, ditching you for Wills would just be Paris' way of, like, making things official.

Bonus: If you play your cards right, you might even score an invite to Buckingham palace! Not for Paris' royalinaguration, mind you (C'mon, that's for like, 300 of her closest friends!) but for some random afternoon of tea and crumpets.

And, be honest -- how many guys do you know who can start a sentence by saying, "Well, my ex-girlfriend, the Queen ..." without totally cracking up?

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