'Hissy Fit' Alert! Diddy's Bday Bash Nearly Ruined By 'Dreadful' Decor!

We already told you about Diddy's presidential-themed bday bash in NYC last week. But what we didn't tell you was how much Sean "Diddy" Combs tried to assert his executive powers. In addition to turning away guests for being inappropriately dressed, he reportedly reamed out the young designer tasked with decorating Mansion nightclub to his personal specifications.

At least, that's how the NY Post reports it:

Sean Combs' birthday at Mansion was a nightmare for a young designer who decorated the Chelsea hot spot. "He was given a budget of $7,000 and 12 hours to create an all-white decor, including 1,000 white roses, blow-ups of Diddy and Barack Obama, and $2,000 of white fabric," our spy said. "Diddy declared it dreadful and went into a major hissy fit, screaming, 'Show me the receipts!' and 'Get the money back!' to his assistant.

And that's not all.

Then he began ripping the fabric off the walls saying he hated it. He berated the poor young decorator to the point that the guy gave back $2,000 of the money he had spent." Diddy's rep didn't get back to us.

To be honest, we're not sure what to make of all this. Can we see Diddy flipping out over a few dozen white roses? Perhaps. Can we see some nobody whining to the tabloids after screwing up his first celebrity gig? Absolutely. But in our opinon, it all comes down to poor planning. After all, didn't anyone tell Diddy that white after Labor Day is a major faux pas?

We love ya Diddy, but FYI: White-on-white + girlie floral arrangements screams "HOSPITAL" (or possibly "LAME ASS WEDDING") but definitely not "BAD BOY BIRTHDAY BIZNASH."

Don't get it twisted.