Spencer Pratt: Hopeless Romantic Or Thoughtless Life-Ruiner?

On the one hand, it was kinda romantic when Spencer brushed past his wife-to-be, strode up to her ex-boss, Brent Bolthouse, and defended her honor. On the other hand, it was pretty much the exact opposite of what Heidi wanted. Let's take another look at the brief convo that took place right before Spencer started making Brent "a little uncomfortable," shall we?

Heidi: Let it go.

Spencer: No, f--- that. I will bitchslap him.

Okay, see if Spencer had listened to his lady and left well enough alone, Heidi might've been able to gather her thoughts before hitting her ex-employer with a carefully-worded apology. Instead, he went with his original plan (minus the bitchslapping,) meaning that before Heidi could even talk tequila, she had to start out by apologizing for her man.

As a result, Heidi had no choice but to listen as the porkpie hat-wearing Bolthouse offered her some (unsolicited) relationship advice. Wait a sec, did we say "advice?" Because what we really meant was slammed her with hella awkward rhetorical questions (like "Dude, your boyfriend's a nightmare...what's wrong with you?")

+ Think Spencer was a little too headstrong for his (and Heidi's) own good? Or does he deserve props for trying to do right by his girl? Tell us who you think was more out of line: Spencer, for talking to Brent about Heidi, or Brent -- for talking to Heidi about Spencer.