Breaking: LC's New-ish Beau, Kyle Howard, Is Too-Hot-For-TV!

You probably don't think of Lauren Conrad as being particularly camera-shy. After all, the girl's been living her life on screen since before her senior prom. But just 'cause you've never missed a Hills episode (Or a Laguna rerun! Or a sample sale from the Lauren Conrad Collection!) doesn't mean you know EVERY single thing about her.

Like the fact that, after ditching Doug Reinhardt, LC went and landed herself a semi-secret boyfriend named Kyle Howard (we told you about him back in August, although Conrad later claimed they were just friends). Yep, despite the fact that LC and Howard have been spotted canoodling all over town -- and he was sitting front row with Frankie Delgado at her last fashion show -- it doesn't look as though LC's in any hurry to go public with her new-ish relationship.

"There's very little that I'm able to keep to myself through the show and through media, so if there's anything I can, I try to," Conrad recently told USA Today. "I think that everyone has been in that situation," she added. "Lo [Bosworth] has a boyfriend she has been dating over a year who you never see on camera. Whitney [Port] had a boyfriend for a year."

Translation: Just because Howard's an actor (he's the star of TBS' My Boys, in case ya didn't know) doesn't mean we'll be seeing a Hills credit on his IMDB page anytime soon.

All we can say is, cheers to the happy-but-unofficial couple! Now, if only they'd agree to let us televise their wedding...

+ Think LC's entitled to have a life (and a secret boyfriend) of her own? Or do you think the Hills star signed away her right to privacy the moment she signed herself up for a reality show?

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