Time To Swear Off 'I Never'. Real Hills Fans Play BackChannel!

Yes, we know you're super-psyched for tonight's all-new episode of The Hills (who wouldn't want to see Heidi's ex-boss put Spencer in his place?), but why not get the party started a half-hour early? No, we're not talking about another scandy game of "I Never." This special public service announcement is about BackChannel, MTV's snarktastic new game that allows Hills viewers to watch the show and score points by trash-talking accordingly (Ex. "Audrina needs to hone her hard-to-get skills.") The potential upside? Not only will a bunch of random cyber strangers think you're hilarious (OMG, score!!) but you just might see your amahzing comments show up ON THE AIR during a future Hills rerun!

So whether you're new to the game or #1 on the BackChannel leaders' board, tune in tonight at 9:30pm to relive the amazingness of Heidi's boozy on-the-job blunder ("Tequila!!!!!!!") and head over to The Hills: Backchannel to get in on tonight's game. Meanwhile, take our poll and let us know which of these Ep. 13 zingers deserves to win top prize.