Is Nathan In It To Win It? Or Is He Just Lookin' For His 15 Minutes?

Fiddy's new reality show, 50 Cent: The Money and the Power, airs Thursdays at 10pm, but you don't have to wait 'til then to check out the raw footage. Every day, I’ll be sifting through the ‘50 Cent Dailies‘ to make sure you’re getting your fill of the rapper-turned-mogul. (Tough job, I know, but somebody’s gotta do it!)

Last week, we waved buh-bye to Joanne and said hello to all the not-yet-eliminated housemates vying for the $100K grand prize. And while Precious and DaJuan made the strongest (although not necessarily the best) first impression, we also couldn't help but notice Nathan, the Southern gent from Calhoun, Georgia, who claims to have -- and we quote -- "more ladies than 50's got Mercedes!" (Zing!)

Not surprisingly, Nate's penchant for spewing pre-written rhymes and screaming uncontrollably has two of his roomies (Nikki and Meghan) questioning his motives. Could it be that Nathan's only in this for the free exposure, the six-figure cash advance and the super-fleeting publicity? And if not, WTF is he doing on this show??