Reality Check: Recovered Homophobe Isaiah Washington Slams Grey's Anatomy For Firing Dr. McLesbian

• You can't blame Isaiah Washington (f.k.a. Dr. Burke) for joining the OMG, Grey's Hates Gays!! bandwagon. 'Course, his critique of the show's decision to fire Dr. Hahn would carry more weight if he weren't a) previously fired for his own latent homophobia, and (b) simultaneously begging Shonda Rhimes for his old job. (

• Jumpin' Joe Scarborough is so excited about Barack Obama's clean campaign he's dropping F-bombs on MSNBC. Take that, FCC mother-f***ers! (HuffPo)

Holly Madison is hoping to be a bridesmaid at Kendra Wilkinson's nuptials. Meanwhile, we're just hoping Hugh Hefner isn't the one giving her away. Hey, he was her (sugar) daddy... (People)

Knight Rider to fire three of its series regulars (Bruce Davison, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, and Yancey Arias) and replace them with an onslaught of Hail, Mary celeb cameos. (Yahoo! News)

• NBC gives new "Life" to that "quirky detective show" that's nobody's ever seen. (TV Squad)