2008 EMAs Recap: Kanye's Proud To Be An American, Pink's Kung Fu (Pillow) Fightin' And Katy Perry's All Fired Up

For those of you who don't know, Katy Perry hosted the European Music Awards (like the VMAs, only in Europe!) in Liverpool, England last night.

And while we like to think we do things better than the Brits, we gotta give them props for (a) dressing Katy up like a human merry-go-round, (b) giving Pink permission to start a lingerie pillowfight and (c) flashing Barack Obama's face on the big screen during Kanye West and Estelle's live rendition of "American Boy."

Check out these amazing EMA snapshots and head on over to the official EMAs 2008 website to watch all the live performances, read a list of the winners (Turns out Brit's pretty big in Europe, too!) and flip through all the backstage/red carpet photos you can handle.