Hail To The Chief! Diddy Strictly Enforces 'Presidential' Dress Code At His Bday Bash

On Tuesday night, Diddy put his birthday celebration on hold to put all his energies towards Barack-ing the vote -- and singlehandedly helping the nation choose its next prez. But the Bad Boy didn't cancel the big shindig -- he just postponed it for a night.

After toasting Obama's victory on Tuesday, Diddy slapped on a "diamond ring the size of a ping-pong ball" and gathered all his famous friendsies (including Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, and Mary J. Blige) at Mansion nightclub in NYC. But apparently, not everybody came to party. According to the NYDN, at least 60 would-be revellers were turned away at the door for not adhering to Diddy's stringent (and completely self-imposed) dress code requirements.

Giddy over Obama's victory, Diddy enforced a "presidential attire" dress code so strictly that more than 60 guests were turned away. (Among them was a member of Jay's entourage, who griped, "Diddy's no President!")

Aw, c'mon people, quit your complaining -- Diddy's party, Diddy's rules. Jeez, guys. What'd you think this was, a democracy??