Post-Game Report: Precious And DaJuan Need To Step Up Or Shut Up

If you want to ride with 50 Cent, you gotta prove to him you know how to handle his business. Which is why Fiddy and his underboss, Tony Yayo, are hitting the wanna-be entrepreneurs with a new lesson every week. Check out our recap of this week's lesson plan to find out which of these half-assed apprentices made the grade -- and which ones just got schooled.

How To Get All Up In Fiddy's Biznass, Ch. 1: "Choose your crew wisely [and] lead the team you've chosen to victory."

Fiddy might've wanted the guys and gals to focus on picking the right crews, but he could've just as easily called this week's lesson plan "Choose your friends -- and your enemies -- wisely." Cause in this game, if they're not with you, they're against you. And if you choose the wrong crew, you could get stuck with the kinda peeps who throws old ladies to the curb (Big ups, DaJuan!) or worse, one who hates on Asian people and "look[s] like a poor man's Lil' Kim," (You go, Precious).

Yep, after only one episode, it's pretty clear that not all of Fiddy's business partners-to-be play well with others. And while Larry and Ryan seemed to have their heads in the game, DaJuan and Precious spent more time fighting than helping out their teams.

And while we're not 100% sure who we'd want in our crew, we do know who needs to step it up next week. DaJuan, you might not have made it onto Fiddy's bottom three this week, but you and Precious definitely earned straight F's in our book. So cut out the below-the-belt trash talk and elderly women smackdowns, and focus on trying to prove yourselves to 50.

Otherwise, we have a feeling you'll be sayin' buh-bye to that $100K prize faster than you can say "Get the f--- outta here.'