Exclusive Pics! Chillin’ Backstage With The Girls (And Guy) Who Got Exiled

Suitcases loaded for what looked like another trip abroad, each of MTV’s Exiled stars to date showed up at our Times Square studio on October 31 with a mission to outshine the others. There were curling irons and flattening irons and lip gloss in every color of the rainbow. There were Louis Vuitton bags slung over bronzed shoulders, Sidekicks blowing up left and right and impromptu fashion shows of slutty sexy Halloween costumes brought along for their post-taping trip to a local haunted house.

Nervous laughter and fake smiles filled the Green Room before the girls (and guy) hit the stage for Exiled ’s first Reunion Special ever! Check out our behind-the-scenes pics from the event and make sure to tune in tomorrow at 1pm to see what went down in front of the studio audience…

During rehearsal the cast wear their cozy clothing. Lots of pink!

Bjorn and Alex help each other with hair and makeup. These two appear to be total besties!

Cher gets a little wardrobe help from a friend. Later on she suggests the most brilliant idea ever: "When are we going to do a Real World: My Super Sweet 16?"

Meleny's the first to hit the makeup chair for a retouch.

Erin's mom critiques her outfit selection. (Erin was the only girl who brought a parent to the set -- think the other ladies are still angry for being banished?)

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