Sneak Peek! Spencer's Verbal Diarrhea Puts A Bad Taste In Brent Bolthouse's Mouth

The last time Spencer was near one of Heidi's bosses, he offered the guy a shot. So we're not sure what to expect when he ambushes Brent Bolthouse, club-side, on next week's Hills -- while Heidi contemplates curling up into a ball and never, ever coming out.

Fortunately, we've got plenty of other things to worry about. Like whether our sweet, innocent Whitney's turning into a total modelizer! Exhibit A: The fact that she's totes ignoring cute, uninteresting Alex (a.k.a. the dude she strolled around NYC with -- like, total date-style!) in favor of a dark, handsome (and did we mention Adonis-like???) stranger.

And since Whit and Lauren are in NYC for Men's Fashion Week, it looks as though they'll have plenty of eye-candy to choose from. And we'll have plenty of pretty things -- oops, we mean boys -- to look at while we wonder whether or not Brent Bolthouse will respond to Spencer's usual charms by socking him in the face.