Battle Of The Hills Cameos! Speidi See LC's Greek, Raise Her A How I Met Your Mother

After watching Brent Bolthouse fire Heidi for racking up a WUI (that's Working Under the Influence) at the XIV opening on this week's Hills, we started wondering where Miss Montag was headed next. But if internet rumors are to be believed (and we all know the 'net NEVER lies), she may already have her next gig lined up: a guest-starring role on CBS's hit sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. Here's the as-yet-unconfirmed scoop, courtesy of Zap2it:

I'm hearing Heidi and Spencer may cameo in an upcoming How I Met Your Mother episode, which would likely air sometime in December. Word is, their scene(s) would be with Marshall (Jason Segel), which they're psyched about, being big Forgetting Sarah Marshall fans.

So far, neither the network or the studio has confirmed/denied the story, but if it IS true, we're thinking this acting gig would TOTALLY trump her Hills rival Lauren Conrad's Greek cameo -- not to mention Audrina's stint on Do Not Disturb and Whitney's barely-there Entourage walk-on.

+ Think Speidi are up to the task of guest-starring on a hit primetime show? Let us know whether you'd tune in to watch the fair-haired pair pull a Britney Spears -- and try their hand at scripted comedy.