Reality Check: Simon Cowell Gives Future Exes Huge Monetary Incentive To Walk Away

• Resident Idol grouch Simon Cowell reportedly gave his now-ex-girlfriend, Terri Seymour, $9 million as a parting gift. And in related news, women everywhere are suddenly extremely open to the idea of dating -- and subsequently not-dating -- Simon Cowell. (MSNBC)

West Wing fans will be thrilled by Barack Obama's choice for chief of staff. So who's the lucky guy? That would be Rahm Emanuel (a.k.a. Illinois congressman and the real-life inspiration for Josh Lyman). Holy crap, Obama really IS Matt Santos! (

Susan Lucci was all smiles yesterday when she learned she'd been eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. Because if there's anyone who knows how to lose gracefully, it's 19-time Emmy nominee Susan Lucci. (TV Watch)

• Sad news, Trekkies. CNN didn't really beam into the studio to yak it up with Anderson Cooper. (Mediabistro)

• The new 24 trailer makes us even more infatuated with Jack Bauer than we already were. As if that were possible. (TV Squad)