EvelAnne: Reunited And It Feels So Good

Coming into this season's Real World/Road Rules Challenge, no one would have predicted a close friendship between girly-girl KellyAnne and tomboy Evelyn. But while they were both being used as punching bags by Johnny Bananas, EvelAnne formed the only true alliance that existed on The Island. Their loyalty to one another withstood more than a few tough tests (and bullies).

As Paula learned the hard way, alliances can be broken when its members are feeling threatened. Especially if said members have shown prior proof of *slumbaggishness. So while the supposed female shoe-in was alternately bawling and bitching out her traitorous besties during the Reunion Special taping, KellyAnne and Ev were blowing kisses at one another. And counting Ev's money. Watch the below video to see the only peaceful interaction from last night's event.

*KellyAnne coined the term "slumbag" during the Reunion Special. It's my new favorite word.