Johnny vs. Kenny vs. Dunbar: Who Was The Biggest Jerkface Of Them All?

We'd forgotten just how many times Johnny called Ev a "dumb b-tch" until we watched that painful video montage during last night's Island reunion special. And while we hadn't forgotten about the whole Kenny/Walnuts boat betrayal, we had underestimated the number of casties who came away from the Island with a Kenny-sized chip on their shoulders.

Sure, Bananas is the one who came across as some sorta angry chick-hating misogynist, but he says he got unfairly cast as the villain this year (possibly to fill in for resident Challenge badass CT). More surprisingly? The girls -- Robin, KellyAnne, and Jenn -- actually seem to agree with him.  According to the ladies, Kenny was a traitorous trash-talker -- and, consequently, the bigger "chump" of the two. And all three (plus Paula, in between hiccuping/gulping/crying) agreed the cameras should've shown less of Kenny's nice guy act -- and more of his backstabby, behind-the-scenes behavior.

Natch, we feel like our whole world's been turned upside down (Is Kenny not the dimply mama's boy we thought he was? Does Johnny (gulp) actually have a soul? Did Dunbar not have the 'Biggest Jerkface' title on lockdown??) so we figured we'd let you guys settle this one once and for all. Take our poll and tell us who YOU think was the worst overgrown frat boy in all the land.