Corrie's Secret Past Exposed! Is She A Bed-Hopping Life Ruiner??

Let the manhunt begin! Next week's Paris BFF has the girls scouring the skeezy Vegas strip in search of eligible bachelors. And while Kayley's unimpressed with the Sin City selection (perhaps she prefers men of the Oompa Loompa variety?) some of the other wannabe besties seem more than happy to play along. Meanwhile, Vanessa delivers some shocking news: the girls' "exes" (we're assuming that means ex-BFFs) are coming forward to give Paris all the dirty deets! And from the sounds of it, Corrie's not exactly getting a stellar recommendation.

Anyhow, check out these clips to watch the girls manhandle some testosterone-fueled frat guys and then hear the scandalous truth about Corrie's (alleged) BFF betrayal...

+ After the jump, find out what Corrie doesn't want you (or Paris!) to know about her shady past.

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