Save The DK Drama For Yo' Mama! Dawn Richard Is Sick And Tired Of Getting The Blame

The thing about rumors is, they usually (but not always) have some teeny tiny grain of truth to them. Like that industry gossip about Diddy encouraging Cassie (a soloist signed to his Bad Boy label) to join Danity Kane. And while Cassie said she had zero intentions of joining the girl group, she has fessed up to working with Dawn Richard on a solo project.

"Dawn has written some crazy records with me. I’ve been collaborating with her," Cassie told Rap-Up. "She’s an amazing writer. I don’t know if anybody really knows that."

And speaking of Dawn's burgeoning solo career, the Danity Kane-er insists that her first priority is still to (what remains of) the group.

"The reality is that we were in a group and everyone got to do the individual, I was pro Danity Kane," says Dawn, according to ContactMusic. "Aubrey went to Broadway, D. Woods had her own side hustle: a group. Everyone had their own opportunity to do things and no one ever had anything to say about it, it was totally fine."

Oh, and she's gettin pre-tty tired of hearing that her efforts to branch out are what caused the group to fall apart for good.

"It's interesting that Puff (Combs) just had me on a couple of references (song parts) and my name is in it like I did something wrong," Dawn continued. "It's interesting how tables turn. All of a sudden when someone has a belief in me, people say I'm doing something side."

Which, we think, is pretty much Dawn's diplomatic way of saying "None of the other girls were thinking about Danity Kane 24/7, So QUIT FRICKIN' BLAMING ME FOR WHAT HAPPENED."

+ What do you guys think? Is Dawn heading off on her own? Or is she just trying to get her name out there (like Aubrey and D. Woods)? Let us know whether you think Dawn is looking around for her next collab -- or trying to find her next job.