Final Frenemy Showdown! Island Ex-Castaways Flip Each Other The Bird One Last Time

One Island. Lots of hatred. Between Johnny's verbal war with Evelyn, Kenny's underestimation of Robin's IQ and an incredibly bitter feud between Kenny and KellyAnne (over Johnny's banana!), it goes to show these RW/RR Challenges aren't exactly bonding experiences for the cast.

We pulled the usual suspects aside before the taping of their Reunion Special to see if any  of them were ready to make nicey. Unfortunately, our interviews were interrupted by yet another sparring session... Remember when Kenny swung by our hood to vlog about his Island adventure? Well, KellyAnne didn't take kindly to him spreading worldwide Web rumors about, ahem, getting her hands dirty with Johnny, so she took a good chunk of time backstage telling him where he can stick it. Behold:

KellyAnne wasn't the only girl who came back from The Island wanting payback. Robin wants y'all to know she's not a pig, certainly not a duck and definitely not a sucker!

And finally, Ev gets a little emotional thinking back to how awful Johnny treated her ... and Johnny, well, he says he really feels for her now. But still no apology. Take a look: