Is Tila Tequila's Maybe-Ex-Girlfriend Gunning For Her Own Reality Show?

We've seen Courtenay Semel gettin' grabby with Tila Tequila on the red carpet. We've read reports that Courtenay can be a bit foul-tempered at times (Read: She actually says things like scream "Google me, you dumb @#$%!" In public. On purpose!) We've heard rumors of the two crazy kids breaking up -- which were quickly negated (or at least complicated) by more pics of the gal pals' public smoochathons.  And then, yesterday, we heard Tila was making out with that super-cool Mac computer guy, Justin Long on Halloween!

So what's the latest? How 'bout reports that Courtenay's daddy (former Yahoo! head honcho Terry Semel) is REFUSING to bankroll his daughter's lavish lifestyle.

"Courtenay's dad cut her off," a close, personal "friend" of Courtenay's told the New York Post. "[She's] freaking out because she doesn't know what to do." And now, Courteney's supposedly eyeing the possibility of her own reality show. "She's looking into it because she needs money," sez the Post's informant.

Intriguing! Truth is, we're not sure we care enough about Courtenay to watch, but we DO have some suggestions for her as-yet-imaginary new show. Here are our Top 3 Tips to pulling off the perfect foray into reality tv!

1) Get an attention-grabbing title. Make sure to name it something cutesy but not necessarily clever. You don't need to win any Pulitzer Prizes here, just separate yourself from the rest of the pack. (We'd suggest something along the lines of: "Don't You Know Yahoo! I Am?")

2) Get a gimmick, (i.e. something that makes your show different from all other shows). Our suggestion? A blatant Shot at Love ripoff, in which you date all the crazies Tila already rejected on seasons 1 and 2! Bonus: A season finale between 'roid rage-y Chad and Jersey Jay!

3) Get an annoying catch-phrase. You can't just dump these losers -- you have to dismiss them by saying something concise and mildly condescending. And since "TTYN" is already taken (Nice work, Paris!) you'll have to come up with some other trademark signoff involving dated computer jargon. We suggest: "The thought of you and me makes me want to LOL" or better yet, "Time to update your Facebook profile. Because you are no longer in a relationship." Zing!