Reality Check: Barack Obama Wins! Sarah Palin And Oprah Winfrey Burst Into Tears For Completely Different Reasons

• "Rogue" governor (and possible 2012 presidential nominee??) Sarah Palin teared up during Senator John McCain's concession speech. Elsewhere, talk show host/Obamama Oprah Winfrey was reportedly "vibrating" with happiness over Barack's victory. Not to mention openly weeping. (Stereohyped)

• We always knew Chuck Bass was a sure thing -- but we had no idea he was also a SHOE thing. Either way, Ed Westwick's officially the new face (foot??) of K-Swiss! (Just Jared)

• Meanwhile, on this week's Gossip Girl, Little J. learns that the secret to instant tabloid notoriety is crashing a boring old-person party with Marissa Cooper's younger sis. (Gawker)

Dr. McDreamy is super sad that his co-star, Brooke Smith was abruptly fired from Grey's Anatomy. That said, Patrick Dempsey's crazy Freudian slip made this sappy spot on Ellen a whole lot more interesting. (TV Watch)

• Plus, check out this sneak-peek of Dr. Erica Hahn's last ever episode of Grey's Anatomy. (E! Online)

• CNN's techies finally got to live out their Star Wars fantasies last night when they beamed in (Princess Leia style!) during the election coverage for no reason whatsoever. (Best Week Ever)