Are Justin Bobby And Spencer On Their Way To Becoming Besties?

Justin Bobby may seem quiet and unassuming (not to mention prone to wearing ridiculous headgear and speaking exclusively in one-word sentences). But secretly? Dude's a master manipulator. And we should know. After all, here we were, a few months back, thinking he's this emotionally unavailable creep in desp need of a shower, and then suddenly, before we even knew what was happening, we were writing a super-embarrassing public manifesto professing our undying to love to the man.

Anyhow, we've been watching his behavior as of late and, well, he's started to remind us a wee bit of a certain someone we already know. Someone else who's in a relationship, dislikes Lauren Conrad and has a thing for doofy hats and relationship vacations. Someone like ... Spencer Pratt.

Okay, we know it sounds crazy, but was anyone else watching this last episode?? The way JB ditched the awkward moving-in convo by telling Audrina, "Cheers, sweetheart, to your new place" TOTALLY reminded us of the way Spencer was all "I don't get uncomfortable, my dear" to Heidi's mom, Darlene.

Also suspicious? The fact that Spencer doesn't totally hate Justin. Think about it -- who, besides Heidi and Brody (pre-LC) have we EVER seen Spencer not want to punch in the face? Dude's barely speaking to his sister (or her "first" boyfriend, Cameron), he's Public Enemy #1 to Heidi's sister, Holly (after the whole Get-the-eff-out-of-my-house debacle) and he's not exactly tight with the future in-laws.

But Spencer and JB appear to be starting a blossoming bromance. After all, we HAVE already seen Justin and Audrina (Austin? Bobbina?) double-date with Speidi once. And according to Stephanie, Spencer's totally digging JB's whole brooding vibe. "I know Spencer likes Justin," she confided to Lauren, "so that might be the new crew." (The new crew? Seriously? But we just got used to the idea of Frankie and Brody calling Justin their "boy.")

Hmm, maybe that explains why (in between offering Heidi's boss shots at her work thingy) Spencer took some time to offer his new boy some unsolicited advice. "Are u two gonna move in together or what?" he asked JB. "What's up with that? Cause I know that Heidi and I moving in together was the greatest thing to ever happen to me."

+ Think Justin Bobby's on his way to becoming the new Spencer? And if so, does that mean he'll ditch his old gang (Brody, Frankie, Doug and the sleazies) to start a new crew with 'Drina and Speidi? Let us know what you think about JB's sudden BFFship with Spence and tell us: Should Audrina be worried??

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