Drunken Breakups, Crazy Catfights And Naked Wrestling! Counting Down The Island's Top 12 Most Memorable Moments

Sure, we all watched last week as Ev sold her soul to the Devil (or at least to Johnny Bananas), bounced Paula out of the winning boat and led the guys to a smooth-sailing victory. But it's not like that's the ONLY thing that went down this season.

And since we happen to have photographic memories (and all the episodes at our fingertips) we've decided to relive the craziness by taking a look back at some of The Island's craziest moments. Starting with...#12.

#12. Hi Tonya! Bye Tonya! The hot-tempered Challenge vet quickly got into with an argyle-clad Kenny (Remember that sweater?) and was back on the boat to civilization before you could even say "Episode 2."

#11. Hey, remember how tough Dave was on Real World: Hollywood? Yeah, not so much on The Island. Witness his major meltdown (Dude, what's your malfunction??) and read his mostly nonsensical explanations for his subsequent self-removal.

#10. Awww, look! It's Robin accusing Johanna of "f---ing" her way to the top. Later, Joey would try and take back what she said about weaseling out of faceoffs but hey, that's what the rewind button is for.

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#9. You guys voted Kenny and Johanna your fave Island couple! And here's the romantic beach PDA that got it all started. Thank goodness for low tide -- without which we might never had had Kennyhana.

#8. You'd think impaling yourself on a broken beer bottle would at least get a girl some sympathy. Instead, Ashley was accused of being a food-hemorrhaging "waste of space" and practically chased off the Island with pointy sticks.

#7. And let's not forget Dunbar's "Me want protein!" rants, anti-KellyAnn tirades and general disagreeableness. (Dunbar? More like This dude's-no-fun bar!)

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#6. Hey, remember when Dan and Robin's loud/boozy breakup finally destroyed The Relationship That Alcohol Built? They don't! (Kidding! Sort of!) But anyway, it's a doozy.

#5. And speaking of Danimal, we're thinking this clip of everybody kung fu (cardboard) fighting pretty much sums him the dude's nickname. Well, that and this revealing confessional.

#4. The amazingness of Ev saying eff you to the Alliance by taking Johnny's key. Her pizzariffic triumph would only be short-lived but hey, for approximately 6 hours, SHE TOTALLY RULED.

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#3. Buzzkill! Ev's "victory" was almost immediately followed by Johnny's triumphant key-covery. Score one for Team Kennannas!

#2. Or Paula's bitter "How could you do this to me??" tears. Hey, if we'd lost $75K, we would've cried, too.

#1. Not to be predictable or anything, but we gotta give it up for the fab four : Ev, Johnny, Kenny and Derek. Watching you guys put all your personal pettiness aside to sail to victory was truly inspiring...in a money's-more-important-than-revenge sorta way. (After all, who needs vengeance when you could have 25% of $300 G's instead? Not to mention a novelty check the size of Ed McMahon).

BONUS: And since we refuse to end on that note, we're throwing in a bonus Most Favorite Moment -- the time we realized that Kenny (a.k.a. the man of our dreams) was living it up rent-free at his ma's house...and sleeping all cozy-cozy on his Batman bedsheets. (Don't worry -- we still wuuuurve you, Kenny!)

+ Anything we missed? Let us know your fave Island moments! Plus, stay tuned for the Island reunion, which -- based on what we've seen -- is guaranteed to have some VERY memorable moments of its own.