Did Tila Tequila Seriously Step Out On Courtenay ... With The The Mac Guy??

We never really knew who Justin Long was before those annoying Mac/PC ads started airing. And we're pretty sure Tila Tequila didn't, either. But she certainly seemed to be enjoying Justin's "special features "this past Halloween. At least, according to the New York Post's Page Six, who claims the Shot at Love 2 star locked lips with the computer-savvy cutie in (where else??) Sin City.

"Spies said the two were spotted at Los Angeles airport and nightclub Noir, where Long 'asked her to straddle him while making out. Eww,' our spy sniffed. A rep for Long didn't get back to us."

Yo, what's the story, Tila?! Are you trying to make it work with Courtenay "Don't You Know Who I Am??" Semel? Or playing the field (and practicing your gymnastics moves) with Drew Barrymore's ex? Either way, not to get all "I told ya so" or anything but you would've been MUCH better off with Bo.

Hey, forget romance --the guy practically rearranged his face for you...what more could any girl want?? Just sayin'...