5 Things You Never Knew About Da Rapper-Turned-Reality Star 50 Cent

Sure, we all know the obvious things about 50 Cent. Like the fact that he's been shot 9 times! And that he's got nothing but love (and cash money!) for Vitamin Water! And how he enjoys working out upside down while simultaneously rapping about no-strings-attached sex. (See "In Da Club.")

But we're betting there's a few things even the biggest fans never knew about the guy. So in honor of his new show, 50 Cent: The Money and The Power (which premieres this Thursday, at 10pm) we're hitting you with five fun Fiddy-related factoids.

1. Fiddy's got famous friends. Okay, fine, we already knew he was tight with Dre and Eminem. But did you know the G-Unit rapper also hangs out with Beaches star Bette Midler?? True story! Now, go run off and tell your grannies.

2. Fiddy makes a great knuckle sandwich. In the mid-1980's, he competed in the Junior Olympics as an amateur boxer. (Hey, just like us! Except it was the Macabee Games for basketball in 1998 -- and we sprained our ankle right before the tipoff.)

3. Fiddy has a secret soft spot for W, whom he calls "gangsta." In fact, 50 once said "I wanna meet George Bush, just shake his hand and tell him how much of me I see in him." Yep, if it weren't for all Fiddy's felony convictions, the soon-to-be former prez would've had the rapper's vote. Fortunately, 50 lost the right to do his civic duty, like, 3 prison stays ago. (Kidding! We're politically impartial! Seriously, though, Fiddy can't vote.)

4. Fiddy's got the money AND the power. Thanks to that $100 million Vitamin Water windfall, 50's no longer the second-wealthiest rapper in the biz. As of August 2008, he moved up to #1, overtaking the former top-spot holder, Mr. Beyonce Knowles himself -- or as Jay-Z's known in rap circles, "that lucky sonofabitch."

5. Fiddy's great at putting his name out there. Forget The Donald -- this guy knows a thing or two about branding! Accordingly, 50's got his own Right Guard body spray (Pure 50 RGX Body Spray, to be exact) AND a condom line called "Magic Stick Condoms." Take THAT, Trump Vodka!

+ Need more Fiddy in your life? Tune in Thursday at 10pm to catch the series premiere of 50 Cent: The Money and the Power. We have a feeling you'll like watching Fiddy in action. And hearing his patented end-of-show catchphrase...

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